Gold Digger

 Gold Digger is the first in a new series featuring Fioan MacGillivrary, her son Angus, and Constable Richard Sterling of the NWMP. Gold Fever is next!


“Her triumph… is Fiona MacGillivray, a woman of grit who presents herself with a kind of cool, professional charm, but less calculating and more tender-hearted than she herself likes to think.

Each character is alive and well-rounded, but it’s Fiona who makes enticing the prospect of further novels in Delany’s proposed Klondike gold rush series. ” Joan Barfoot, London Free Press

A lot of fun, a terrific heroine and a great setting.” Margaret Cannon, the Globe and Mail 

“Readers who enjoy historical mysteries in which the facts are accurate but not oppressive and heroines who are good, but by no means too good to be true, will hope that she does indeed bring Fiona back and soon.”  Reviewing the Evidence.

“Delany spins a captivating tale with lots of colour, ably researched detail and crisp dialogue that moves the story along, spinning into a satisfying, yet surprising, conclusion with lots of doors left ajar for future episodes. Who will marry Fiona? Will anyone? Will Dawson City rid itself of the crib? And will her son realize his dream of life in a uniform? Delany and Rendezvous Crime have produced a worthy addition to the history-mystery genre … one with twists and more than the odd smile.” Don Graves, Hamilton Spectator

“…readers will have to wait patiently to read more about the strong heroine, her charming son, and the handsome NWMP officer who is showing a strong interest in the lovely Fiona. Brava Vicky (sic) Delany! Better hurry with that next novel. Readers are already patiently awaiting it.
Gold Digger is a must read and brings to life an exciting era in Canadian history.” Mirella Sichirollo Patzer, Historical Novel Review