Valley Of The Lost

valley_smVicki Delany created a beautiful, idyllic, Canadian mountain village within the pages of her 2007 mystery, In The Shadow of the Glacier. And then she threw a dead body into the mix. Now this quiet village is once again in trouble in Valley of the Lost, and-as usual-it is up to Constable Molly Smith and Sergeant John Winters to sort out the crime before the villagers turn on each other.

Heroin has breached the boundaries of Trafalgar, British Columbia. Everyone assumed the young mother had died of a heroin overdose, but the restraint marks on her body tell a different story. Only two things are known about the dead woman: her first name is Ashley, and she has a three-month-old baby boy. Before the police can discover who killed her, and why, they first have to find out who she was.

As the investigation into the young woman’s death, and life, grows, the case becomes increasingly personal for Probationary Constable Molly Smith and Sergeant John Winters. Smith’s mother, Lucky, has taken in the lost baby, and Winters’ wife, Eliza, is considering accepting a modeling contract with the controversial resort development that is ripping the close-knit community apart.

Smith and Winters are soon plunged into the strange netherworld of a young woman who didn’t exist and a town that was happy to let her remain that way.

“…builds to a pulse-pounding conclusion.” – Publisher’s Weekly.

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“Delany has a lot of plot and atmospheric elements to balance, but she does so with relative ease. The focus doesn’t waver from the main investigation, and the built-in suspense of Ashley’s true identity increases the story’s momentum. In this second novel, the dynamic between Smith and Winters has the appeal of shoes that have just been broken in. The fun will be to experience the growing comfort level in future volumes.” – Quill and Quire.

“…again contrasts the beautiful British Columbia wilderness, vividly described by Delany, with the sober realities of contemporary crime, in this case, murder and drug use. Molly, a dedicated cop determined to succeed in what is primarily a man’s profession, makes an engaging lead character.” – Booklist

“Delaney explores the social dynamics of a small mountain community as well as deftly handling the plot’s twists and turns as it builds to a pulse-pounding conclusion.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Intertwined subplots, complex characters, and an easy prose style make this a great follow-up to Delany’s debut, In the Shadow of the Glacier.” Library Journal

“When the personalities and daily lives of the characters in a book are so interesting that they can cause a reader to forget that a murder has just taken place, you are with a good writer.” – Readers’ Views

“Molly’s unusual family, her friend Christa, and her colleagues on the force, all are characters you’ll want to see more of.” – Armchair Interviews